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Sterlig Fish World

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STERLIG Fish World has been a leading supplier of fish & other aquatic species as well as a wide variety of related aquatic products, for more than 25 years.
We stock a wide range of cold water, tropical and marine species as well as a huge range of aquariums, all aquarium equipment, including plants and other species.
Sterlig Fish World also stock a wide variety of koi species and everything you’ll need to set up and maintain a fresh water koi pond.
We are open 7 days a week and our experts are ready to assist you with any aquatic need you may have.

Sterlig Fish World
Sterlig Fish World
Sterlig Fish World
Sterlig Fish World
Sterlig Fish World
Sterlig Fish World
Sterlig Fish World
Sterlig Fish World
Sterlig Fish World
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34 Ondekkers Road, Roodepoort,
Gauteng, South Africa
PO Box 2133, Wilro Park 1731
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Phone: 011 764-1014/4814
Fax: 011 764-1014

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About Us

Sterlig Fish World
  • Professional & Expert Service
  • Wide variety of freshwater & marine species
  • Extensive range of aquatic products

Over the last 25+ years, STERLIG Fish World has become a premier provider of freshwater & marine aquatic species as well as of a huge variety of supporting products.

Why Choose Us

Our decades of excellent service speak for itself! For any freshwater and/or marine fish species, aquariums, ponds, filters and all other related products – STERLIG Fish World and its team of experts are at your service.

Expert service provider of quality products
  • Qualified & experienced professionals to assist you
  • Quality products & service
  • Huge variety of species & products

Fish World

Sterlig Fish World

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STERLIG Fish World


Our expert team is ready to assist you in answering any questions you may have.

Phone: 011 764-1004/4814

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